8 Tips on How to Make it in Fashion via FashionistaCon

8 Tips on How to Make it in Fashion via FashionistaCon

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So you want to be a fashion attorney? If you read my previous post, I discussed my recent trip to New York City for Fashionista’s How to Make it in Fashion. If you want to go into a unique area such as fashion, you must be creative in your networking. Many times, you will be the only law student or lawyer in the room. However, the opportunity to meet emerging designers, fashion journalists, and public relations executives is invaluable! In order to understand the nuances of the fashion industry, you should feel comfortable striking up conversations with the fashion crowd. Below, I outlined 8 tips from FashionistaCon.

Help! I want to work in Fashion.

1. You have to do a lot of stuff for free.



2. You should be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave at your internship.
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Keynote speaker Marissa Webb said, “Work your ass off and make sure that you’re giving it 150 percent. An internship is not just an internship. I constantly remind my team and myself and anyone who is trying to get to the next level, it doesn’t matter if you’re bringing someone a coffee, it doesn’t matter if you’re plunging a toilet. I’ve done it myself when I first started my company.”

3. If no one is willingly to give you a shot to beef up your fashion experience, create a blog.



Fashion Law Mapping is a prime example. After several rejections due to the lack of experience, competitiveness, and popularity of fashion law internships, I decided that I would brand myself as a student expert in fashion law. This blog has open many opportunities to meet liked-minded students, to connect with attorneys around the world, to conduct research for my law school, and to stand out amongst other fashion law enthusiasts.

4. Cultivate your social media presence.


Many panelists echoed that it is important to develop your brand on the web. Think about what you want your google search to pull up. However in the “Making it in Media” panel, the speakers warned that while you should be an active participant in social media, you must be smart about it.

5. Make a list of the people that you want to interact with and go meet them.
fashionista, fashionistacon,nyc, how to make it in fashion
6. Be hungry and hit the pavement.


Your dream internship or job will not magically appear in your lap. You must be strategic about achieving your goal. Learn to multitask. In fact, several panelists discussed balancing school work with an internship and a part-time job.

7. Be thoughtful.


Keynote speaker, Bobbi Brown emphasized, “Be nice to everyone — and not only because they’ll do something for you but just in general. You never know what people are going through. Have an open heart and an open mind.”

8. Ask for feedback.


Don’t be afraid of criticism. Learn from your mistakes and improve. “I had no fear knowing that I’ve never done this, but I’ll figure it out,” Webb said, remembering when she was assigned to create sweaters despite having no experience in the category. “Having that kind of tenacity is important.”


The advice that I received from the conference is a constant reminder to grind 24/7. Whenever I hit a wall, I’ll look to this advice as a reminder. Want to add any tips? Leave a comment below! 

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