15 Signs That You’re a Fashion Lawyer Wannabe

15 Signs That You’re a Fashion Lawyer Wannabe

If you’re a law student with a “passion for fashion”, this could be you. 

1. You find yourself perusing fashion magazines instead of your lovely selection of casebooks.

2. You dress in all black because all of the chic fashion editors and pr mavens do.


3. You are constantly refreshing your browser for new updates from Business of Fashion, WWD, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Fashion Law, and Vogue UK.

4. Either you’re using the hashtag #fashionlaw in every post or monitoring the hashtag all the time.

5. If you’re outside of the major fashion markets, you will hop on a plane to New York or Los Angeles for a fashion law event.

6. Your family and friends get tired of your “fun facts” about which fashion designer is copying who.


7. You’ve owned a luxury bag before you even received a steady pay check.

8. You learned French because you wanted to avoid embarrassment and mispronounciation of fashion terms and designer names.

9. You justify buying expensive, luxury items because you will be a fashion lawyer one day and they will come in handy.


10. When you meet other fashion law wannabes, instantly you connect with them and become best friends in “the industry.”

Source: Tumblr 

11. You launch a fashion law blog and force all of your family and friends to read it despite the fact that they have zero interest in the law and the fashion industry.

Source: Tumblr

12. Every time a fashion law-related story appears, you have to weigh in on it.


13. The red pump emoji is in your recently used list on your MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone.

14. You’ve already outlined your essay before the next  Fashion Law Writing Competition was even announced.

15. You’re wondering how you can make your law student loan money stretch to attend one of these fashion law programs: Fashion Law Institute, Fashion Law Project, and FAME Center.

*Please note that this is satire.

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