Teen Vogue Features 3 Black Models for August Cover



Amidst the backlash of Teen Vogue’s lack of African-Americans models featured to illustrate Senegalese twist hairstyle in its June/July issue, Teen Vogue has placed three black models on its August cover. These beauties include: Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones, and Lineisy Montero. Plastered across the magazine in bold white font reads “The New Faces of Fashion”. In fact, it is the first time the three models have ever been featured in the Teen Vogue magazine.


aug-cover-part-1-10 Meet Aya Jones

Hometown: Paris, France (of French-Ivorian descent)

Age: 20

Quote from Interview: “I don’t like when I see really arrogant or pretentious models. I’m friendly. I say hello to everybody.”


aug-cover-part-1-08Meet Imaan Hammam

Hometown: Amsterdam (of Egyptian-Moroccan descent)

Age: 18

Quote from Interview: “Sometimes people call me Middle Eastern, and I’m like, ‘No, I’m black.’ I am proud of my culture, proud of who made me, proud to be here.”



aug-cover-part-1-09Meet Lineisy Montero

Hometown: Dominican Republic

Age: 19

Quote from Interview: “I’m comfortable in my skin. I just like being me.”


Is this the start to more women of color gracing the cover of Teen Vogue and other fashion publications? Only time will tell. Will you be picking up the latest issue of Teen Vogue on July 14th?

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Photo Credit: Teen Vogue/Daniel Jackson 


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