Mapping the Blogs: Carly Cristman with “How to Get Your Dream Job”| Creative Industry TIPS

Mapping the Blogs is a series of posts about YouTube and Fashion bloggers that I love.


Today, I would like to introduce you to Carly Cristman, a LA-based YouTube and Lifestyle blogger.  Cristman provides content on beauty, fashion, and video logs about her many jobs in the fashion industry.

One of my favorite videos from her is: How to Get Your Dream Job. At the end of the first-year of law school, I was feeling weary and worried about securing a summer job for the future. Her video on pursuing your dream job reminded me about why I chose law school and to stop stressing about the past school year. Once I let the stress go (cue Disney’s Let it Go), I found internships that combined my love of the law and the entertainment industry.

Her advice is salient not only to those who want to pursue a career in the creative industry, but also to anyone who needs that extra push to follow their dreams.

Take a minute and watch the video below!




  1. Letting go of the stress I think would be easier if the people were not my stress. I’m able to do my dream I just need the support of people and I don’t get it. I would love your thoughts about when your dream relies on others.

    • I will do a post on this in the future. You bring up significant challenges that people face when pursuing their dreams. In my case, the legal industry is dependent on the support of clients. Tune in and I will cover this topic. Thank you for the support! Xoxo

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