From Courtroom to Couture: WE TV Green Lights Unscripted Reality Show Starring Black Women Attorneys



Ladies of Law (working title) will follow a group of glamorous African-American women who practice Entertainment Law in the Big Apple also known as New York on WE tv. To my chagrin, most people that I have spoken shared zero excitement about the show. Many of my friends scuffed, “not another reality show.” Yet,  I am beyond excited to see a group of powerful black women working in a male-dominated legal industry.

With less than 5% of African-American attorneys represented in the legal industry, I have high expectations that this show will be more of look into their careers and clients and less about hurling a Christian Louboutin if an argument ensues.

According to the WE tv’s President Marc Juris:

“Legal dramas have long been a popular TV genre but have not been represented in the unscripted space — until now,” said Marc Juris, WE tv’s [P]resident. “Working in concert with our production partners we actively sought to develop shows around topics that haven’t been explored, yet lend themselves naturally to great, buzzy stories and powerful characters. The very nature of ‘the law’ coupled with the intense personalities of lawyers gives us a wide range of storylines and characters to showcase. Behind each of these attorneys is a rich story waiting to be told.”

Show producers include: Eastern and Monami Entertainment with executive producers Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple and Toby Barraud for Eastern, and Mona Scott-Young for Monami Entertainment. Rhonda Cowan of Life’s A Beach Media will serve as co-executive producer.


What I Hope to See on This Show:

  • Fashion
  • Famous Clients
  • A mention of a case that I read in law school
  • Journey to the Entertainment Law field for hopefuls
  • Oh and did I say fashion?? (LOL)
  • A new name for the show because “Ladies of Law” isn’t edgey enough in my humble opinion


The show is slated to start filming over the summer. Will you tune in? Leave me a note in the comments section.

Photo Credit:  Girls Off Fifth




  1. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy reality TV shows. And I cannot believe I had not heard of this one. As a woman of color and Big Apple native, I will indeed tune in! Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yes! We’ll have to do Twitter chats when the show premieres. I’m anxiously awaiting to find out who will be casted for the show.

  2. Heck Yeah!!! This sounds awesome! I may actually purchase cable just to tune in! (law student struggles)

    • Hi Miss E, I know all about the law school struggle!! Hopefully, they’ll have it online as well because I cut the chord lol.

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